NWN2 SCREENSHOTS - It's a simple tribute to the work of the fantastic builders of the Vault Community.

Mod. The Traveler, by human_male. Free download at: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=293

Above the Rogue/Fighter/WMaster(falchion) Argus Widowmaker fights against werewolves in the Abyss with the help of his Barbarinan Companion Module: Tragedy in Tragidor by Phoenixus, free download here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=83 

And Anyndur Woodson (and his animal companion) meets a honorable warrior. Moonshadows Campaign, Chapter I, by Alex "Hugie" Hugon. Download here: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=185


A Balor is summoned on Jeg's Training Module Danger Hall: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=23

Barbarian and companions wandering in IceWind Dale frozen floors. From Asphyxia, by Azenn. Free download: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=255


A Wizard/Eldritch Knight and his companions in Ravenloft: Dreamscape, by BlackRain Software: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=304

Bard/Fighter and companions leaving the Keep, module: Harp & Chrysanthemum. Download: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2ModulesEnglish.Detail&id=206

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